News Timeline of events.

2016-02-07 Old game written in Borland Turbo C++ 3.0 around ~1998 in college years. Now re-written and ported to HTML5. Check it out here!
2015-10-04 "Mine Raider" is published in Google Play!
2015-09-19 Preparing "Mine Raider" in Google Play Developer Console. Screenshots, description etc.
2015-09-18 Google Play - Developer Registration
2015-08-30 From 1st of September our games will no longer be available in the App Store. We decided not to renew our developer license. The reason for this is that all other platforms offer it for "free" (pay for it only once and not every year). In the meantime we port everything to Android.
2015-04-05 LevelEditor originally written for Tokyo Rush 2, under modernization
2015-04-04 In the finish with our new game this time on Android platform.
2015-03-27 Switching from svn to git. Bitbucket and GitHub comes really handy recently.
2014-10-01 All our apps are now ad-supported and free!
2014-09-13 CubeTraz Lite and Full version went live
2014-08-31 Preparing new updates for "1945: Tokyo Rush Lite", "1945: Tokyo Rush" and "CubeTraz Lite", "CubeTraz" (Integrating AdMob and minor bugfixes)
2014-08-10 Finally CubeTraz is ported to Windows Phone 8 platform. This version has more realistic shadows using technique called "shadow mapping"
2013-11-06 CubeTraz v1.2 Update is Available
2013-11-05 CubeTraz LITE is Available (15 free levels to play)
2013-10-22 1.2.1 update for 1945: Tokyo Rush is available (4" display support, new icon, etc.)
2013-07-04 CubeTraz v1.1 is approved and Availabe on the App Store
2013-07-01 Preparing (v1.2.1) update for 1945:Tokyo Rush to Support iPhone5
2013-06-12 Finishing touches on first update (v1.1) for CubeTraz
2012-12-27 New graphics for the site and gameplay videos
2012-11-12 "CubeTraz" is Available on the App Store
2012-10-02 Finishing touches on our new game
2012-09-17 Experimenting with HTML5, CSS and MySQL
2012-06-25 "1945: Tokyo Rush" updated version 1.2 is Available on the App Store
2012-06-19 "1945: Tokyo Rush LITE" updated version 1.2 is Available on the App Store
2012-01-30 "1945: Tokyo Rush LITE" is Available on the App Store
2012-01-20 First update for "1945: Tokyo Rush" version 1.1 is Available on the App Store. More updates coming soon (game center integration, new levels, enemies and graphics) Stay tuned!
2011-12-02 "1945: Tokyo Rush" is Available on the App Store
2011-11-08 "1945: Tokyo Rush" has been approved
2011-11-01 Massive site updates, now you can contact us
2011-08-04 Site is Published!