News Timeline of events.

2015-04-05 LevelEditor originally written for Tokyo Rush 2, under modernization
2015-04-04 In the finish with our new game this time on Android platform.
2015-03-27 Switching from svn to git. Bitbucket and GitHub comes really handy recently.
2014-10-01 All our apps are now ad-supported and free!
2014-09-13 CubeTraz Lite and Full version went live
2014-08-31 Preparing new updates for "1945: Tokyo Rush Lite", "1945: Tokyo Rush" and "CubeTraz Lite", "CubeTraz" (Integrating AdMob and minor bugfixes)
2014-08-10 Finally CubeTraz is ported to Windows Phone 8 platform. This version has more realistic shadows using technique called "shadow mapping"
2013-11-06 CubeTraz v1.2 Update is Available
2013-11-05 CubeTraz LITE is Available (15 free levels to play)
2013-10-22 1.2.1 update for 1945: Tokyo Rush is available (4" display support, new icon, etc.)
2013-07-04 CubeTraz v1.1 is approved and Availabe on the App Store
2013-07-01 Preparing (v1.2.1) update for 1945:Tokyo Rush to Support iPhone5
2013-06-12 Finishing touches on first update (v1.1) for CubeTraz
2012-12-27 New graphics for the site and gameplay videos
2012-11-12 "Cubetraz" is Available on the App Store
2012-10-02 Finishing touches on our new game
2012-09-17 Experimenting with HTML5, CSS and MySQL
2012-06-25 "1945: Tokyo Rush" updated version 1.2 is Available on the App Store
2012-06-19 "1945: Tokyo Rush LITE" updated version 1.2 is Available on the App Store
2012-01-30 "1945: Tokyo Rush LITE" is Available on the App Store
2012-01-20 First update for "1945: Tokyo Rush" version 1.1 is Available on the App Store. More updates coming soon (game center integration, new levels, enemies and graphics)
Stay tuned!
2011-12-02 "1945: Tokyo Rush" is Available on the App Store
2011-11-08 "1945: Tokyo Rush" has been approved
2011-11-01 Massive site updates, now you can contact us
2011-08-04 Site is Published!